Are you paying too much for your credit and collections suite?  Don’t write off bad debt; expand your A/R team without increasing head count.  While NACM Business Credit Services is highly regarded for collection of past-due accounts, we offer the same value, expertise, and professionalism in collecting payments from your current customers.

Billing and Account Follow Up:  Reduces aging, ensures support for timely payment, and reinforces your customer relationships via personal contact.  We work with you to tailor a solution that best fits your organization.

Resource Stabilization:  Our expert team can help expand your capabilities whenever needed.  Experiencing rapid growth? Staff transitions? Holding the line on head-count?  We can help.  What’s more, our staff works at the local NACM office; we don’t outsource our team.

Online Resources: Review account status, productivity, and more via our online portal.

Clear, Consistent Communications:  We offer a full range of billing, reminder, and collections solutions.  Our products include paper statements, e-statements, email reminders, outbound and inbound calls and staff support, including Spanish bi-lingual fluency.  It’s all in one place.

If your growth, year-end, or staffing changes outstrip your current A/R or collections resources, we can help.  Our Accounts Receivable Management program is affordable, customizable, and creates a seamless extension of your operations. Our experts reap benefits for your bottom line.

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