It’s a Win-Win:  Industry Credit Group Incentive Program

NACM Business Credit Services believes that Industry Groups are among the best professional tools available to our members and customers.  In 2017, we are striving for both increased participation and data contribution to support the program. 

What does that mean?  NACM is asking Industry Group members to set a goal of 100% participation on a monthly and annual basis.  The Industry Groups only work if everyone is fully involved.

How will NACM achieve this goal?  NACM is incentivizing members to reach monthly goals with quarterly drawing/raffle prizes and an annual Grand Prize for every firm that reaches 100% participation for the entire year (or participates at 100% participation for each month their group has a scheduled meeting).

What constitutes 100% participation? In order to qualify for 100% monthly and annual participation, a firm must submit all 5 names, their data and attend every meeting in which that group meets for the entire year whether in-person or by phone. Data can be supplied through the group system or electronically. If the data is sent in electronically, it must be monthly, otherwise the data needs to be manually updated through the online group system to ensure the group is receiving the most updated information. 

If you are new or haven’t used the NACM Group system in a while, an online group training or refresher course is available.  Claudia Barragan or Ricole Isbey will be glad to schedule a training session.

Quarterly Drawings:  You will be entered into a quarterly drawing/raffle for each month your firm achieves 100% participation.  If you do not reach 100% participation for the month, you can still qualify for the quarterly raffles if you achieve 100% participation in the following two months. For member firms with credit representatives who rotate on a monthly basis if you have 100% participation during the month, the credit representative that attended will qualify for the quarterly drawing for the month they attended.  For member firms who have multiple credit representatives attend each meeting, both members in attendance will qualify for the quarterly drawing for the month as long as they have submitted 5 names and entered their data.

Annual Grand Prize:
For every member firm attaining perfect participation for the entire year (or for every month their group meets) they will qualify for the Annual Grand Prize. Again, this means that the firm has submitted all 5 names, submitted their data and attended the monthly group meeting whether in-person or by phone, during the entire year (April 1, 2017-March 31, 2018). 

For companies with multiple credit representatives who rotate on a monthly basis, your firm qualifies for the annual grand prize if you have 100% participation for the entire year, even if that is a different representative that attends the meetings.  Only one grand prize will be given per company and the firm will have to decide how to distribute the prize.

It’s pretty simple.  The more you participate in your group, the more opportunity you have to WIN!  Best of all, your group gets stronger because of everyone’s active involvement.  So…

WHAT CAN YOU WIN? Industry Group members will be entered into a quarterly drawing for each month they hit 100% participation for the month. 

Quarterly Prizes:  Drawing  for $25 Cash or Amazon gift card

  • April 1st –June 30th
  • July 1st  – September 30th
  • October 1st  – December 31st
  • June 1st  –March 31st

BUT WAIT!  THERE’S MORE! In addition to the quarterly drawings, each Industry Group member who has 100% participation for the entire year qualifies to receive a grand prize in addition to the quarterly raffle prizes.  Everyone who qualifies will receive:

Grand Prize – Selected on March 31, 2018:  $100 Cash or Amazon gift card

HOLD ON!  THERE’S STILL MORE! In the very likely event there are multiple group members who qualify and receive a grand prize, a special drawing of those winners will be held to select one Platinum Award of:

A FULL registration to the 2018 NACM National Credit Congress in Phoenix, Arizona

Now is the time to get involved as you never have before.