Scholarship Information

NACM BCS Scholarship Program

Need assistance with your Continuing Education? Look no further. The NACM BCS Scholarship Program was established to provide financial assistance to business credit professionals striving to continue their education.

Professional education is the most important part of the mission of NACM Business Credit Services.  It is the association’s goal to raise the profile of the credit profession and help members enhance their skills in the field of commercial credit.  High quality classes and seminars are vital to achieving these goals.

NACM BCS has scholarship support available through a competitive application process.  Scholarships help cover a portion of the entire cost of educational programs and are intended to help reduce your out-of-pocket expense.  Combined with any support you may receive from your employer or other sources, you will find that your on-going professional education is affordable.

Lifelong education is the best investment you can make.   It will help your career and your employer.  It will help you as a person.   Best of all, it is transferable.  You can take it with you wherever you go and no one can take it away from you.  There are few other investment vehicles that can make those promises.

Funds come from the Alice M.H McGregor Memorial Scholarship. Scholarship assistance is available for many of NACM BCS’ educational programs. Greater consideration is given to first-time applicants.

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